Part of TCMM Shutter Group

At TCMM, we pride ourselves on offering luxury interior plantation shutters at unbeatable prices throughout the UK (and beyond). Based in Brighton and Hove, we have been a driving force in the UK’s burgeoning window shutter market since 2002, with the last few years seeing us expand at an increasingly rapid rate. And, we’re excited to say, this shows no sign of slowing.

Our model is based upon strong partnerships with some of the world’s best shutter manufacturers. We believe that top class manufacturing facilities and the ability to consistently deliver the highest quality product and service go hand in hand. That’s why we are heavily involved in the manufacturing stage, enabling us to supply a range of shutters that meet our high standards and set us apart from the competition. With our diverse offering, TCMM has a shutter to meet the needs of every customer, whether it be in terms of budget, material, or style.

TCMM historically operated our B2B offering via our ecommerce brand, California Shutters. In 2017 we launched a dedicated brand and platform for those trade customers: Carter and Clark Shutters Ltd. Revised to C&C Trade Shutters in 2021, C&C now sell our premium made-to-measure shutters to 100’s of retailers. Our clients vary in size from family-owned blinds shops to nationally recognized brands such as John Lewis and B&Q. Regardless of size, we guarantee every customer an unmatched product with several features that are unique to the market. The easy-to-use portal makes ordering a seamless experience, and our UK-based team are always on hand to answer any questions.

In 2021, TCMM and all its holdings were acquired by the Mzuri Group. In joining other well-known brands such as Decora, VAKO, and Swift Direct Blinds, we are continuing to expand and grow as a member of the Mzuri family. Their mission statement is to “drive innovation, aspiration and creativity” in the window dressing industry. Fortunately, each of these values were already a core part of what we do at TCMM, and they will continue to shape our approach going forward. Although we have been in the business for a long time, we assure you, we’re just getting started!