Hybrawood® Shutters

Truly unique, a dream to work with, and the best value for money on the market.

You won’t catch sight of MDF here at C&C Trade Shutters. We are specialists in quality hardwood shutters at MDF prices that will wow your customers and guarantee you great profits. The most affordable of our ranges, our patented Hybrawood is a shutter like no other, and one that is a cut above your MDF-selling competitors.

Built to Last

The Hybrawood range exudes quality and durability, making it ideal for everyday living. The outer frames and rails of the shutters are made from high-quality hardwood, while the polyvinyl slats have an ultra-durable aluminium rod running through the core*. This all makes for a hardwearing shutter that lasts significantly longer than other entry level shutters on the market.

*Aluminium core slats can only be put on panels wider than 400mm.

Easy Installation

The frames, stiles, and rails of our Hybrawood range are built from FSC accredited timber. This high-quality wood ensures ease of install that you don’t get with PVC or MDF frames. Any minor adjustments to frame sizes can be easily corrected with a simple plane or sand back, followed by a touch-up with paint. If you’re fitting onto older, wonky windows, then the flexibility of Hybrawood is your best option.

The Smoothest of Finishes

Our Hybrawood shutters are spray painted to a sleek, smooth, ungrained finish; you could never tell by looking that it’s not a 100% wooden shutter. The paint is UV protective, ensuring no light damage from the sun. Available in a full range of colours and design options, Hybrawood shutters can be matched to custom colours too*.

*Please inquire for a full list of paint brands we will match to.