Basswood Shutters

Basswood with its innovative and easy to work with design, it is one of the most popular of all our ranges.

This shutter is a strong ‘all-rounder’ with its ability to fit seamlessly into any shape and sized window – even the largest.

Our Basswood range is made from 100% premium basswood timber. That means no composites or MDF.

The Lightest You’ll Find

While its sturdiness and durability give it all the benefits of timber, Basswood shutters are light, easily to move and install, and are a breeze to transport too. Its light weight makes it ideal for your customers’ large windows and doorways. And what’s more, it can be fitted to special shaped windows such as circles or triangles. You will have these shutters up in minutes.

Innovation in Design

Our Basswood is the only shutter in the UK market with ‘sticky stripes’ functionality.

Ethically Sourced Wooden Shutters

Fast-growing Basswood has a smooth, even grain, making it a firm favourite with our dealers and customers. Ethically sourced from a trusted lumber supplier with consistent high quality, our Basswood profiles are machined specifically for C&C.