Aluminium Core PV Shutters

This hard-as-nails shutter is resistant to water and humidity.

For those parts of the home where windows come into direct contact with water, wooden shutters run the risk of exposure and warping over time. C&C’s waterproof shutters are built to withstand even the dampest environments.

Highly Durable, Water Resistant Shutters

Whether your customers need shutters for their kitchen, bathroom, wet room, or even a sauna, our Waterproof Aluminium Core Polyvinyl Shutter range are 100% waterproof. They won’t fade, peel, or warp.

Looks Just Like Wooden Shutters

If your customers want the same dramatic effect as wood shutters in their kitchen or bathroom, all while offering 100% water resistance, C&C’s waterproof Polyvinyl range offers exactly that. Unlike other Polyvinyl shutters , we paint our shutters with the same NC paint as our wood ranges. This gives them the same quality look and feel of their hardwood counterparts.

Easy to Care For

Our Polyvinyl range is perfect in damp environments, and it’s easy to maintain. To give them a wash, simply given them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, saving all the hassle that comes with washing fabric curtains or blinds.  Your customers will certainly thank you for this.