Faux Wood Shutters

Waterproof, durable, and with a super short lead time, our PVC Faux Wood shutters have the look of real timber. Faux Wood window shutters are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their timeless aesthetic. They’re a true game changer in the world of window shutters.

What makes Faux Wood shutters so great?


Unlike almost every other shutter on the market – which are made in China – C&C Trade Shutters’ PVC Faux Wood shutters are manufactured at our own factory right here in the UK. So, what does this mean? Well…

Express Delivery

Because they are made in the UK, production of our Faux Wood shutters is much faster that other hardwood or PVC shutters. From the point of confirmation, your order could be with you in as soon as 3-weeks. This faster process means you could be selling and installing Faux Wood shutters in no time at all.


If your customers need a waterproof solution for their kitchens and bathrooms – or even wet rooms – but don’t have the time to wait normal lead times, our Faux Wood shutters offer the perfect solution. Faux Wood shutters aren’t susceptible to mould, mildew and rot the same way real wood shutters can be, making them ideal for installing in bathrooms.