Paulownia wood shutters

With its fine, knot-free grain, paulownia wood is ideal for painting and staining. Although a hardwood, it is roughly a third lighter in weight that most other hardwoods. C&C Trade Shutters create paulownia wood shutters in a variety of stains, finishes and colours.

Why choose paulownia wood shutters?

Built to Last

This makes paulownia wood the perfect choice for wider windows or Tier-on-Tier shutters. Paulownia wood is great for the environment too. A deep-rooted tree with a complex root system, it yields one cubic metre of hardwood in eight years, after which time a new stem will shoot. Therefore, a single plantation can be harvested several times, providing a sustainable and renewable source over time. Although lightweight, this timber is strong and will not crack or split when nails or screws are used.

Easy Installation

C&C Trade Shutters offers a seamless installation process for our paulownia wood shutters. Any minor adjustments required to the frames during installation can be easily corrected by a simple plane or sand back and touch up with paint. Due to the light weight nature, paulownia wood shutters are ideal for larger windows.

The Finest of Finishes

Paulownia offers the full range of C&C Trade Shutters options: 14 paints, 15 grained botanical finishes, 11 wood stains, and Solid Shaker & Solid Raised shutters. They can be made into special shutter shapes too (e.g., triangles, circles).

Our botanical range has a grained finish, making it ideal for spaces with a natural vibe. Whether your customers have a period property or need something romantic and rustic, the botanical range is the one for them.

There are four rod options in total: Central, Offset, Clearview, and Hidden. Available in a full range of colours and design options, Paulownia wood shutters can be matched to custom colours too*.


*Please inquire for the full list of paint brands we can match to.