Wholesale Shutters

At C&C Trade Shutters, we provide 20 years of experience in the wholesale shutters market, as a leading UK brand since 2002. We sell our premium, made-to-measure wholesale shutters to hundreds of retailers across the country.  

Our wholesale customers range from nationally recognised brands such as John Lewis to your local providers, both seeking our best-in-class quality wholesale shutters, at competitive prices. You can purchase our wholesale shutters through an easy-to-use portal system that makes buying a seamless experience.  

We provide premium quality plantation shutters at wholesale prices. 

Wholesale Shutter Pricing

Our wholesale shutter pricing is competitive and transparent. There are no hidden fees and we are upfront with our costs, tailored to each unique order. When you buy wholesale shutters from C&C Trade, you can customize your order simply and efficiently with our easy-to-use portal system. 


When using our portal system to buy your plantation shutters at wholesale prices, the costs are clearly stated before you complete your order. You can also use the portal to customize your shutters, monitor drawings and track orders.

The cost of your wholesale shutters is likely to be influenced by your shipping choice, of which we offer a standard or express option. The style and manufacturing options are also likely to impact your final price. Our wholesale faux-wood shutters manufactured in the UK may cost slightly more but can be shipped to you within an industry-leading timeframe.