Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the finest quality shutters that C&C Trade Shutters have to offer for your consumers. These are made to measure wooden blinds that sit inside their own frame and can be fitted to windowsills or doorframes.  

It is possible to have plantation shutters tilted from fully closed to fully open because they are typically designed to operate with adjustable slats (known as louvers). There is also the option of having plantation shutters designed without the slats and as just one solid wooden shutter blind

There is also the option to have plantation shutters to be made in different styles. So, whether your customers want café style or full height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters or tracked, they will be able to get both style and quality with our plantation shutters.  

Versatility in style and functionality

One of the best things about plantation shutters is that they offer a lot of versatility in terms of being able to be crafted in most styles of shutters. That means that your consumers can have whatever type of shutter they want. Whilst they are also very functional.

Timeless and classic design 

Another one of the main benefits of plantation shutters is that they are timeless in their style and that means they can suit any home interior. These shutters are perfect for consumers who might be wanting more of a classic or traditional look to their home interior, or for people with more modern tastes as well.  


Easy to clean and maintain

A further benefit of plantation shutters is that they offer an efficient option in the home in terms of being easy to clean and maintain. That means that your consumers will be able to ensure that their plantation shutters maintain their same style and quality for years after installation.