Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are C&C Trade Shutters’ best-selling shutter range with the ability to fit the entire length of any window, and help make a real statement in any room in the home.  

If you are looking to supply a versatile shutter that will help to transform the homes of your customers, then look no further than our full height shutters. They offer the flexibility of being able to be fitted as a single panel hinging out from the window, or can be folded together when opened.

Our full height shutters are available in any material, and we believe that they are the perfect option for your customers.

Offers the Ultimate in Privacy Management

Due to full height shutters being designed to fit the full window they offer maximum privacy and the ability to block out light in any room in the house. They also can allow some light into the home through the slats, but that is not at the expense of maintaining the privacy that makes them a go-to shutter for consumers. If you want total privacy and darkness, check out our solid panel shutters.

Designed with Versatility in Mind

What makes our full height shutters such a must-have for your customers is the versatility that they offer. The ability that these shutters offer to cover the full length of any window makes them perfect for all types of windows, doors and room dividers.  

Available in All Materials

Some of our shutter offerings must be made out of a certain material for their functionality, for example, aluminum core PV shutters, but our full height shutters can be made from any material that we offer. That makes it possible to tailor the full height shutters to the individual needs and tastes of your customers.