Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are a great alternative offering to full height shutters from C&C Trade Shutters. They have the ability to fit the entire length of any window in your customer’s homes. That makes them a very good way of making a statement to any interior. 

If you are on the hunt for a quality shutter product that offers plenty of versatility to your customers, then our tier on tier shutters are the perfect choice for you. They consist of two physically separate panels, with a top and a bottom panel. This enables them to have separate opening sections, meaning one panel could be open whilst the other remains shut.   

We believe our tier on tier shutters are one of the best shutter products to offer to your consumers, and we are proud to offer them alongside all of our other quality shutter styles.  

Ideal practical solution for tall windows

Full height shutters are often chosen by consumers when it comes to adding privacy to their homes with shutters. However, tier on tier shutters provide the same functionality of being able to completely fit tall windows whilst also being more versatile. That is because the separate panels can be hinged open individually, meaning that one could be left open to let air in, with the other closed for privacy.  

More control over light and privacy

Tier on tier shutters are the perfect option for your consumers if they are wanting to maximise their control over both light and privacy in their interiors. Being able to open one panel at a time means that plenty of light can be let into the room, whilst keeping the other panel closed will mean that people still are not able to see into your home.   

Available in all Hardwood materials

Some C&C Trade Shutters offerings have to be made out of a certain material because of their function. However, the great thing about our tier on tier shutters is that they can be made out of all of our hardwood materials. That makes them a very versatile option for your consumers.