Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are an excellent option from C&C Trade Shutters for customers who are looking for something with more functionality than other types of shutters. They are a great alternative to traditional full height shutters and work perfectly in wide spaces.

The difference between tracked shutters and other more traditional styles of shutters is that they do not sit within a four-sided frame. Instead, these shutters are attached to a track that runs along the bottom. That enables them to provide them with extra added functionality.

For customers that are looking for shutters that can operate with more functionality and be used on patio doors as well as windows, tracked shutters are a great option to offer.

Add style and practicality to any space

One of the main benefits of having tracked shutters is that they are able to offer the same stylish and quality finish to home interiors as normal window shutters. However, they fold back on themselves and can be tucked away. That enables you to maximise any view from the window or door.   

Available as bi-folding or bi-passing

Tracked shutters can be fitted together with hinges that bi-fold to the side of your windows, or they can also operate as single panels that slide along on two tracks (this is known as bi-passing). That means that your customers will have options on how they want their tracked shutters to be fitted and operate.  


Perfect option for doors or room dividers

Another major benefit of offering tracked shutters to your consumers is that they are the perfect option to have fitted to French doors or patio doors. That is because of their ability to be folded away and allow you to maximise the view whilst also being able to provide light control and privacy. Whilst they also operate very well as room dividers.