Café Style Shutters 

Our classic café style shutters are a brilliant option for customers who are looking to add a small touch of quality and character to their windows.  

Unlike our full height shutters range, café style shutters are designed not to cover the full length of the window. They are instead tailored to customers’ requirements and needs.  

C&C Trade Shutters only use the best materials to craft our café style shutters, so you can be sure that your customers are getting the very best shutters for their home.  

Available in All Materials

Some of our shutter products are required to be made from a specific material, but with our café style shutters your customers will have the option of customising their shutters to suit their requirements. The quality of the café style shutters is consistent across whatever material is selected, so you will not be compromising on quality.  

Made for Flexibility

One of the main things that we love about our café style shutters is that they offer real flexibility for your consumers. They can be paired well with curtains or blinds, and customised to a customer’s content because they can be made to cover as much of the window as needed.  

Right Fit for Light and Privacy Management

Café style shutters are a perfect option for customers who are looking for a shutter solution for street-level rooms. That is because they offer privacy, without compromising on the amount of light entering the home.