Accordion Shutters 

Accordion shutters are another one of C&C Trade Shutters quality offerings and they are perfect for customers who might be concerned about the impact of storms. These shutters are designed specifically to be strong enough to withstand harsh weather and they will be an ideal option to offer your customers. 

The difference between accordion shutters and other shutter styles such as solid panel or tier-on-tier shutters is that these shutters are designed to be able to unfold accordion style for quick coverage in stormy weather. Accordion shutters are one of the best types of hurricane shutters. 

So, for customers that might be concerned about the impact bad storms could have on their properties, accordion shutters are a great shutter to offer to them.  

Cost effective solution to storm protection

Other types of shutters that are designed to offer protection in storms or hurricanes are a lot more expensive for customers than accordion shutters. That is one of the reasons why they have become the most popular style of shutters when it comes to hurricane and storm protection. 

Made with quality materials for maximum strength

Given that accordion shutters are designed to offer protection in the harshest of weather, it is vital they are built from the highest quality and durable materials. C&C Trade Shutters’ accordion shutters are built from strong materials that can withstand the pressure of storms.   

Fold away when not in use for light control

One of the main benefits of having accordion shutters ahead of some other storm or hurricane shutters is that these shutters can be folded completely away when not in use. That is because they are designed to stack besides the opening when they are not in use. This enables you to have light control when they are not in use.