Special Shape Shutters

Special shape shutters are an excellent offering from C&C Trade Shutters. These shutters are one of a kind and are designed to be able to fit into any space and add a quality finishing touch. This makes them a brilliant addition to the options that you could be offering your consumers. 

A special shape shutter is truly bespoke to each consumer and the interior of their home. That is because they are built to fit any shape or size of windows that your customers might have in their homes. So, no matter whether they have circular, triangular, or arched windows, special shape shutters are perfect.  

The versatility of our special shape shutters is sure to impress your consumers, and they will be able to make sure any space in their home is improved. 

Ideal for any shape and every space

What makes our special shape shutters so useful as a product offering for consumers is that they are perfectly suited to fitting into any shape or size of window. That means that if your customers want to add a touch of elegance to their small or uniquely shaped windows, they can with bespoke plantation shutters.  

Can come hinged or magnetised for easy opening

Our special shape shutters are designed and built with made-to-measure frames. That is why they are able to perfectly fit the shape of any type of window. Alongside that though, these shutters can also be designed with a variety of hinges or magnets. The addition of magnets and or hinges enables the shutters to open easily and makes them ideal for awkward spaces. 

Bespoke to your home interior

What is also attractive to consumers about our special shape shutters is that they offer a truly unique and bespoke finish to any home interior. Every single home is built differently and has its own unique style and character. So, no two of our special shape shutters will ever be the same and will therefore be a unique piece to have in the home.